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Hey Sweetheart. I am a gal who likes to baby guys. Now, a few years ago I came to realize how many  men and boys out there who secretly like to wear diapers and fantasize what it would be like to have a woman diaper them and bring them back to baby times. I am now that girl. Imagine a gorgeous redhead with a keen sense of style and mischief plus a natural talent for all things baby and what have you got? Me
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It's all about trust........
Would you like for me to be your Mommy? And keep you in diapers while you play on my floor? Or if you can't come to me, then why not let me be your phone Mommy? What a nice way to start the day, hearing my voice as I gently regress you back to a toddler. Now, why don't you be a good baby and contact Mommy. She knows best and she thinks you need to be in diapers.
I'm located in sunny St.Petersburg Florida, about 30 minutes from Tampa and have My own private home for baby and Mommy to explore our mutual AB interests. You will need to know a few things first before trying to contact Me though. Due to the huge volume of people I try to see, I prefer that you reply to Me through an email and please be sure to be detailed in what your desires are. A phone number/time to call you would be appreciated as well. My available hours are from 11am- 5pm Monday-Saturday unless you are wanting extended playtime with Mommy. I've been an AB sitter for at least 11 years now, and I see Myself as a true infantilist. Do I Myself wear diapers? No no,that's not what Mommy is all about. What I like is the excitement of having you totally dependent on Me as your sitter and while in My care you will have to do as I say. Just like any babyboy or girl would. Tantrums or fussiness will not be tolerated but met with sound punishment. Good babies get rewarded and earn privileges. All My babies are well-behaved so be sure to be on your very best behavior while visiting.

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