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April, 2014
I've not updated in awhile although I do see people almost daily so I thought it best to let people know that I'm already geared up for yet another hot summer here. We have an all new play space, along with other locations for fun as well. Name your poison, slaves.. What happens when Mistress(DSCN9608) and sexy boytoy get shiney new toys(DSCN9592)? This!(DSCN9613)As a lot of my subbies know, summer2011 was absolutely the best! And this year is going to be even better. Trust me. Recently I had a visit from these two rodeoclown sissysluts(SDC10533). Mistresses, aren't they just adorable? Prissy and Pansy are just such insatiable little sluts(SDC10545). Owned(9-27-2011 089) and tagged!(9-27-2011 085)Speaking of which, I am currently seeking one special crossdresser for my summer fun. Apply now, girlieboy-slaves!

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