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Hi, babies!
Spring is here and it's going to be another great season for Nursery/ab/dl play!
Last year was extremely wild and actually that's one reason I don't update much. Kind of like to keep things private, right? That said, here's a little glimpse of some of the fun your naughty bABysitter found herself in. Recently, I had a shy toddler boy who did not want to wear his diapers like a good little boy. But when you're in my daycare, if you act up, it's a likely bet that you'll get punished ;). See, now baby has his little legs all raised up and his cute bottom exposed. Simply adorable!... My Nursery is ever changing, sometime I have it set for baby boy visits, sometimes for sissy babies, it just all depends. The main thing to remember is that I am always active with visits, so if you are serious about setting up some diaper play time with me here, feel free to reply. Otherwise, please don't. It just gets in the way of people who are sincere about being here and having some fun. Here's an older illustration that has always been a big turn-on for me. Something about it just stirs my imagination and makes me want to put you right back in diapers. Too cute! There were just so many awesomely great visits last year, including a baby boy's Nursery surprise birthday visit, a dear dl friend's visit which included a 4-mile diapers-only kayak adventure, visits to special places that this mommy sometimes likes to bring her little toddlers, beach trips, you name it, it would be just impossible to mention all the fun we have here. Summer's coming, and it's gonna be hot!

Hello abdl friends! Summer2012 is starting off very nicely and I am seeing people
daily. Had some very nice public humiliation scenes recently as well as private
play at the Nursery location. Also, I'd like to thank a very special baby for
sending lots of new cutesy cloth diapers and rubber/plastic pants. You just know
I will use them on the diaperboys who visit. We'll update with pics soon!

xx 7/11
OMG! An update! I've been getting a few emails lately asking if I am still seeing any ab/dl friends these days. Well truth is, I never stopped and have been seeing people daily all along. Summer 2011 has been so great that I decided to share a bit more what all has been going on with me and the Nursery. In early June I had a visit from my diaperboy B which ended in a diaper change 3 stories up overlooking the Tampa Bay area. Awhile back, I had an awesome interaction with this little sissygirl. Being ever the naughty girl that I be, I quickly tied her helplessly to my crib for closer "inspection". After a thorough examination, I decided that since Chrissy was so sissyish and already wearing diapers, she needed to actually USE them. You can guess the results, just use your imagination boys and girls.... Now, a good diapermate of mine from years back has recently been visiting again with her girlfriend and the three of us have been having great fun together. Their names are Saiyuri and Raimuneko and they are looking for a knowledgeable AB Mommy for adoption. They're really great to sit for and as AB's go, they can be a handful at times. Saiyuri gets a diaper change and I just love bottle-feeding time! And look at these cute diapers, guys! Anyone interested in adoption can contact me via email. Byeee for now......
Hey my ABDL friends, it's update time again and I have been a very very busy Mommy! I have redone the Nursery and have been having lots of fun. Recently, I had a naughty boy with the bluest eyes and rosy cheeks. He arrived and I could not help but notice the bulge in his shorts as we discussed his occasional diaper-wearing. We didn't do any pics but I just had to mention him. I had Stinkers here for a daylong sitting too and we had playtime, then a little bit of babyfood, followed by even more bottle-feeding. Unfortunately he started acting up so I decided some punishment was in order. I also got to meet diaper-sissy and we got him all dressed in cute frilly sissy dresses with rhumba panties. Hopefully, he will let me have a picture day next visit. My all-star baby, Joey came for a visit after his Mom sent an email letting me know that his bed-wetting was out of control. I did a diaper check, and sure enough, he was wet so I powdered him up carefully and played with him awhile. Something about the feel of a nice thick disposable or cloth diaper with plastic pants gets this Mommy going. Till next update, Stay dry my babies!
Hello, My dear Babies! As you may know I don't usually do an update for the Nursery, mainly because when I'm with My AB/DL friends we don't do much picture-taking. Well, I have decided to change that a little bit so here's just a taste of what's been going on around here lately.One of My dearest babyboys and I were playing when I noticed that he was a bit fussy. I brought him to My examining room for a checkup. I decided what the problem was and proceeded to help. Then I immediately powdered and diapered him without letting him go to the potty. I rubbed his little tummy and pretty soon he felt all better so we went to the park where he got to play and show off his new cute plastic pants. Greggie needed to be fed in My high-chair but he acted up so I had to restrain him for feeding time. When I babysit, I like to bottle-feed My precious ones and of course there are plenty of diaper checks. Sometimes I like to sit on baby's diaper and ride him sofly to sleep. Everyone, have a safe and happy summer!
Little StephyKate
got to wear her diapers for Me and this time I MADE her USE them. Naughty brat! I also had another sissy baby, Chris, who I had dress up in cute frilly attire. I was feeling the moment so I decided to bring out My strap-on and used it on him and I REALLY went to town too. Every now and then I meet an AB who really likes that and he sure did. I had him calling Me Mommy and begging for more.. Babyshane, where are you?? Mommy had such a great time with you and now you have not emailed Me. Looks like a sound spanky is in order. Be sure to bring the onesie with openable flap next time.........
arrow 01-04-03
had a LOT of out-in-public scenes, one with little jimmy, who came to play from the windy city. I took him all around town dressed as a toddler and also had some picture-time with baby joey at a local park. I made him show off his cute little plastic pants and diapers and play on the slide while I took pics, also made him pee and changed him in the back seat of his car . A lot of other stuff with other slaves happening but let's go for the Grande Finale, shall we? I took My little
sissy-slut crissy out on the town, first to a little restaurant. I had him dress complete with a pink outfit with pink stockings, bows, and mary jane shoes, cute frilly panties with ruffles(you know the ones). I made him drink from a bottle, then as we left I had him dance up onstage while I filmed it all. Next, we went to a local lesbian bar, this time he was dressed as a total slut. The girls LOVED it and when we left I had him curtsy for all the ladies at the door. Crissy, I think that one girl who came out after us wanted you for her own scene that night.... Hmm, I missed my chance for some REAL kinky fun. Oh well, there's always next month. Hope everyone had a wild, kinky holiday season........................