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I've not updated in awhile although I do see people almost daily so I thought it best to let people know that I'm already geared up for yet another hot summer here. We have an all new play space, along with other locations for fun as well. Name your poison, slaves.. What happens when Mistress and sexy boytoy get shiney new toys? This! As a lot of my subbies know, summer2011 was absolutely the best! And this year is going to be even better. Trust me. Recently I had a visit from these two rodeoclown sissysluts. Mistresses, aren't they just adorable? Prissy and Pansy are just such insatiable little sluts. Owned and tagged! Speaking of which, I am currently seeking one special crossdresser for my summer fun. Apply now, girlieboy-slaves! ......
Hmm, no updates lately.What's up with that?? Well,to be honest, I have been busier than ever with you slutty males, just not done much photo-shooting. This April has also brought out the CD/sissies in full force. One of My dear little prissers has lent a few things for all of you out there who need to be feminized. So I called up stephany to have him all dressed up and ready for Me. Meanwhile, My slave one has gone AWOL only to be replaced by one of My past slaves(anyone remember william?). I'm going out today to purchase a rather large toy so that I can watch him squirm while I screw him HARD. Stay tuned for that....slave-e came to visit from Ohio again after a three-year hiatus. What a! nice ass, what's a Mistress to do? So nice to see him suck Me off too....Speaking of Mistresses, I welcome Mistress Luna(Luna1) to the Tampa Bay area. Something tells Me that We'll be playing together with a few select slaves soon.......
Summer's faded into fall, and it's time to reflect a little on what a naughty summer I have had. I took a slave to Baywalk and had him dance for Me and some Ladies we met. One gal decided that he needed lipstick and what a surprise that She whipped out Hers and proceeded to apply it right there on 2nd St. That'll show the tourists what the TampaBay area is really all about. On that note, I am currently seeking a new slave for weekly Maid service to perform duties around My home (as well as provide some sissy-cock for MyMaidMissy) so any sissies that would like to apply for this position please do. My new slave whom I have named one and I have been getting along quite nicely in My new playspace . I also have refurbished a new look for the Nursery for all My AB's. Getting back to slave one and his ! cock-sucking duties ......Nothing like a male at My feet, grovelling and worshipping one of My many strapped-on phallus symbols. Slaves, you just know you like this stuff! And here's a nice little reward ...........Later!
The last two months have seen some interesting medical play, loads of sissy feminization, the break-up of My lover Ariel and I, a weekend trip to visit a plasticpants sissy somewhere in the mountains of New York, another weekend visit to Sarasota for some over-the-knee spanking-and-enema play, and quite a bit of other stuff but I'm really not going to blog it all. I have been having grrrreat fun let's just say. Also, I am going to be relocating soon and will be needing a full-time sissy for Myself and friends. Anyway, patient #001327 (no pic yet) visited for his annual "check-up". Anyone who knows Me knows that I LOVE having males restrained and forced back into diapers. Well, babycakes here spent one hell of a day with one of the naughtiest sitters he'll ever have. Open up and say ahhh. Later!
I know I know, no updates since August. Where have I been? What have I been doing? Well slaves ,I have been here all along and causing quit a bit of a stir, just got tired of My usual showing off for a bit. Let's change that, shall we? The coming year adds new faces, scenes, and whatever else I can find to "entertain" Myself. It wouldn't be right to not mention just a little bit of the past 4 months and from this point on I'm back to the usual monthly stuff. A while back I had met a sissy named joyce (past updates). Care to see how I am turning this lil' bitch out? What I personally like to do is have him all dressed up pretty for Me, parade him around for a bit, then tie him in extreme rope bondage. And what should happen if any of My sissies act up? It's over My lap for a sound spanking and some slut slurp-training. I took another slave-slut of Mine out to a Hooter's for wings-n-things and I just KNEW it was going to be great before we even got in the door. I managed to get all the waitresses in on the training. Can you imagine this little slut's surprise when our waitress sat down on My slut's lap? The whole place LOVED it.... Let's pause for some diaper-punishment. Better yet, I had one slave who wanted to be My BEST slave ever. I had him arrive three days before My birthday. Should've known he was just all talk.
See you in February!
Summer's here and yes, it's hot! I have been so busy having naughty fun that I almost forgot about updating. Roll call! Recently I had met a slave, whom I'll call william. My training of him has been extensive. Now, I've always been an avid fan of CBT as many of you know and having your balls in My hands, kneading and leashing can be a serious affair. At last update I had a slave taking a few pounds on his balls, but only after I severely spanked them. Well, I'm proud to say we're up to 10 lbs. Every Female should have a sissy servant to order around and now that My Maid Missy (see earlier update pics) has moved and can't be here regularly I had to find another male to force into sissyservitude. It's been about 6 months but My little sweatstain came back to Me. Sucking My heel like such a male dog, I slapped his face, spanked his ass good, and made him be My suck-boy. Look at the slave cower over My strap-on. You can guess what happened next..... and as usual, there was oh-so-much more but...............
See you all in a month.
Wow is all I can say! It's been a helluva 3 month's now that the holidays have died down. Too bad My camera died because I had a lot of great stuff on it when it went. Got a few things on disc before so let's take a look. This little slut came to play and I tied him to My doorpost, and proceeded to do some artwork on his little cock.. I've been focusing on the new Playspace lately and bought some nice furniture for torturing and teasing you. My footboybilly bought Me some nice pumps from "Howcool", little sissy Stephy showed up, and I decided to give him a cute sissy "make-over". It's always fun to play bully-the-sissy and I'm a natural. Speaking of which, here's My version of ambush make-over. Did a bit of trampling, spanking, and stuffing piss-soaked panties into this hooded slave's mouth(and keeping him there for awhile). But "weight"! There's more. I decided to see just how much weight this slave could take. HH you're M.I.A. Also, I had a patient who needed some "sphincteral therapy"..........
I'm Mistress Nicole,and I approved this update.
It's begining to look a lot like Christmas and this Merry Mistress has been having some some fun with a few very naughty little elves. I had made a little bet with a very dear Australian Mistress friend of Mine. The bet was that I would have this little slut hog-tied and at My feet within 7 minutes of being in My home. I won. Cock-leashed and spread, that's how I like them! So much more but that's going into the new member's only area cumming soon.
Here's a lil' CBT with Fighting Steele.What a day that was...... Speaking of wild days, My MaidMissy came to do his monthly chores. I also had him do My dishes, dressed as the little slut that he is. Of course, he stepped out of line..... Take a look at the nipples on this bitchy wannabe broad..... Question:What can happen while your wife is away at Her weekly Bridge game with friends? This!. As you know, I was down in Key West for Fantasy Fest so next month I will be showing you what a very mischevious Mistress and Her sissybabygirlieslut got themselves into smack dab in the middle of Duval Street. Everyone have a safe, kinky, happy holiday! Season's beatings!
Well, well, kiddies it's update time again. Let's do this. Ed-tied-to-the-bed was moving away and got one last visit before he was gone at the click of My heels. Perry served Me and gave TOTAL body worship. Now, when I say that, I REALLY mean that I teased him and never let him touch Me .I get off on that every now and then. I have a VERY loyal slave,one who has been with Me for about 4 years now. In honor of this I decided to have him over for a little CBT. On another note, I decided to have a little fun with an ad placed in alt.com. For the most part (and I already knew this) alt.com is primarily for swingers but it did generate a few good slaves for My playtime summer fun. My Girly slut Crissy and I went out to Tyrone Square Mall, where I got him to try on a bikini at The Body Shop. Imagine the stares, looks and all from the sales girls when I had him come out to model it for Me. We then had a wild night out. Want the complete story? Enquiring minds do want to know....Steve got tied to My new table whereas I did unmentionable things to him. Prince william, now there's a classy male who knows how to serve Me. Milk 'em-in-the-middle arrived, I tied his ass to the wall where I had planned to rape him. No go....... you need to work on that if you want to take one of My strap-ons.....This guy is M.I.A. and I had such a nice time with him. Lots more happened but it'll have to wait for next time...!
This has been a bit of a hard month for Me. I had to say good-byes to not one but three slaves due to various life-changes. The people who actually meet and get to know Me know that, albeit a D/s relationship, I DO truly care for those whom I session with. You know who you are and I will miss you.... Now, back to all-things-pervy!! :::Larry got this, then this. The best stuff I could not capture because W/we were too into it and I WON'T waste a great session just for pics. OttoeroticAssfixerupper wasn't mentioned last time, although I did have the most unusual time likely I have ever had in Female/male play thus far. Doesn't Mymaidmissy look great!? Also, cocksucker skills go out to erran who took it all and then some. Lapdancermark got a TOTAL punishment, although he had to back out of it before I had My fun. And look at this! cockboychucky found himself in a most compromising position. He took the strap-on, all the while pleading and begging. Love it!

Well, after taking a MUCH needed vacation in Asia, I’m back and having a blast with some new slaves. Little Sissy Stephany(not phone-Steph) came over ready to play and I tried out My new squirting cock-toy on her. Steph, I always have great fun with you and can't wait to see you again. You looked soooo sissy-ish in that bra. I also saw EnemaboyBill and got deep inside him with a 9 inch dildo after cleaning him out thoroughly. After slapping Sweatstain's face I dragged him into My other room and used a wooden paddle and My bare hands to firmly punish his butt for being late. REALLY enjoyed that one! Not often do I get a true painslut but when I do......
      Remember the guy from last year who showed up in kid's swimwear, and I used Barbie glitter on him with Britney playing over and over in the background?? Well, he called the other day. Can’t wait to see what's new this time...GAWD!!E. Pluribus Rectum, My new moneyslutluvdollars got Me some really nice shoes, hosery, and panties as well as bath salts.
      What REALLY rocked Me was sitting in a grrrrrly bar in Laos (Cambobia, as in Vietnam) on My vacation and having an English would-be willing slave who ACTUALLY KNEW Me from My site come up and buy drinks and massage Me and My friend's feet. Small world, eh?

I did so many sessions that I can't name them all so bear with Me.... Slave andy arrived, and wanted to be fisted by Me. He caught Me on a bad day. Got 3 fingers in... Hey, I'm only human too. Pantyboy, My newest slave and I played. I really enjoyed getting him into a pair of My used panties and skirt and having him kneel before Me. He is going to be My new sissy girl and I have lots in store for him. I did a Saturday morning thing with Ed-tied-to-the-bed and made him orally pleasure Me. Sometimes I go too far and we did. I have been making Mike do lots of humiliating things for Me in public because I LOVE knowing that he is doing it for Me. I have him showing himself off in compromising situations to cute young Females. I want to find one new slave, just one, who will do as I say unconditionally, maybe a blackmail deal... Hmmmmmmmm. batmanbob is a new slave who will be making nice things for Me to use on all of My precious slaves, sluts, etc. And Friday night paul, My cute Asian crossdressing cumslut, returned after a year..... that was great! I spat on him and made him suck on My strap-on while he was dressed so cute. Thing is, paul you didn't email Me back so I highly doubt I will let you come back. I had a near-session with dave, gave him implicit directions, told him to call to confirm. He repeatedly called asking which way to go, etc. I cancelled him... David, if you can't follow directions then you don't need to be here in My kinky world.

Ahh, the holidays are over.
This month was a REAL freak-show and I loved EVERY minute of it. Houdini-boy felt My strap-on. I REALLY got a kick out of propping his little ass up and sinking it in. I get off on screwing a male and seeing them squirm just like a girl. WOW! Not seen daddyfix in a while so he will be paying dearly for that. My slave larry got his balls waxed, clamped and finally bull-whipped.
I'm looking for slaves who need a little cock-sucking humiliation with another male.

My MaidMissy needs a little pole-action. You know you want it, and I LOVE "dick-tating" it all, so to speak.
Now for the AB crowd: I had a LOT of out-in-public scenes, one with little jimmy, who came to play from the windy city. I took him all around town dressed as a toddler and also had some picture-time with babyjoey at a local park. I made him show off his cute little plastic pants and diapers and play on the slide while I took pics, also made him pee and hanged him in the back seat of his car. A lot of other stuff with other slaves happening but let's go for the Grande Finale, shall we? I took My little sissy-slut crissy out on the town, first to a little restaurant. I had him dress complete with a pink outfit with pink stockings, bows, and mary jane shoes, cute frilly panties with ruffles(you know the ones). I made him drink from a bottle, then as we left I had him dance up onstage while I filmed it all. Next, we went to a local lesbian bar, this time he was dressed as a total slut. The girls LOVED it and when we left I had him curtsy for all the ladies at the door. Crissy, I think that one girl who came out after us wanted you for her own scene that night.... Hmm, I missed my chance for some REAL kinky fun. Oh well, there's always next month. Hope everyone had a wild, kinky holiday season........................
This has been one hell of a month! What started out as slow quickly escalated into a full-scale horror show.
I forced My littleboyjoey to endure an enema, 2 suppositories and then took him out "for a little ride". You can guess the rest. I got stanly to give Me 200.00 for being the jack-off artist that he is. Jim lost out on My little bet. I bet him that, for 20.00 back, he couldn't keep a butt-plug in his ass while I milked the poor slut. Moo! It fell out, I won. Sniff-lick-n-kiss did just that.... with Me looking down at his begging face! Priceless! Painslutphil and I played a bit too hard one day over My lap and I hairbrush paddled his ass for a full hour and broke the skin on both sides. THAT was electric for Me. Where are all the crossdressers this month?? Slaverob came and I used My new leather hooded mask on him. One'legged Lance and I had a very special playtime whereas I put 17 clothespins on his balls, then bull-whipped as many as I could off. I'm getting REAL good at that and now I can knock them all off at ten paces.
Anyone care to spend a measly 27.55 for My Gevalia coffee this month? C'mon,get in good with Me and you may just find yourself enslaved.......

Meanwhile, sitting in a Thai restaurant that Slavemike and I chose to dine in this week, I caused a little scene. I had prepped him well for the occasion, having him sit with Me with a 5 inch butt-plug and a pair of My panties on. When the waitress came to take our order I took the opportunity for a little show-and-tell. I had him unbutton the top two buttons of his shirt to reveal that he was wearing a cute little frilly training bra. She
loved it!! And each time she came back it was more and more fun, with the hostess coming to "take a look" also. Chiefsittingface got totally abused by Me for the past three weeks. Slaveslutpaul gave Me a nice leather lace-up mask and I abused him on My webcam for some of My other Mistress friends to see. I used the nipple clamps, clothes pins, umm I'm boring you I know............ Marshall paid dearly and FINALLY, after three years of servitude of The Goddess, he is now My collared Pigslut! Get your own collar marshall. Daddyfix is one of My newest playtoys. I will be playing hardball
soon with him. Babyjoey needs to be TOTALLY humiliated in public at this point. Candybarchuck seems to think he can walk into a candy store, eat a candybar and not pay for it...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And how was your weekend?

Bootboymonimaker threw me $75 for My new thigh-highs. Smalldickeybrat shelled out another $300.00 after I spoke to him on the phone. He begged and begged for Me not to abuse his bank account number now that I have it......fat chance. I will be milking you until your nipples turn purple. Grand prize goes out to Marshall(the new one) who is now My personal ass-licking slutboy. He earned it though. Bradtheshoeslut spent an hour just pampering My toes and feet after a day at the beach with My girlfriend Melissa. While we were there, we all went shopping and got some new items for her and I to wear. Bikini domination at it's finest while all the other females on the beach ogled and watched (brad, I think that one in the green wanted to join in because I KNOW She knew what was up). Littlebilly got an enema work-out and I had him in tears in a diaper. I cut a whole in the back as he whimpered. The strap-on works nicely. L.A.Steven sent Me $100 for jack-off fees. painslutphil, where are you?? I am DYING to blister your ass again.
one-leggedlance dropped by, and I used My bullwhip on his cock. I spent the good part of the session slapping off the clothspins I had on his balls. Mymaidmissy wants cocksucker privileges with one of My sexier male sluts. Kevin, are you doing My BDSM furniture yet??

06/07/02 Well, I'm back from Thailand.. Let's take a look at who's been naughty and nice shall We?....larrythecherub is a new slave... he is getting Me My new black patent stilletos. And of course My MaidMissy cleaned up My house for Me, dressed as I like ALL My little slutmaids to be dressed. Marshall is so close to being collared he can smell it. After 3 years, what do you think, should I? Diaperboyjoey was waiting for Me to return. I set him up with another Mistress friend of Mine for while I was away... A REAL Kodak moment was when I got Ballerinabill dressed up in a wig, stockings, heels, a diaper, and a cute pink babydoll top and made him go out in public. Now THAT deserved an Arbor Mist, ladies!.. kevin, I can still smell your patchouli scent on My collar.
Slaves, want to see Me on My multi-cams?    Email Me,I just might...............

03/13/02 What do you get when you add disney print little girl's swim wear, Barbie doll glitter make-up, Britney Spear's "Oops I did it again" and Me? bitchboybill found out.......................N
came over,found out more things about Me than he expected. We played daddy and spoiled rich-bitch daughter who corrupts daddy and takes all his money while sitting perched upon his cute little face where naughty Girls like Me SHOULD be.
came by, we played with some hairbrushes and strops. I placed him over My knee in My Punishment Room while sitting on My handle-less red-leather chair and proceeded to spank his ass as HARD as I possibly could. By the end of it all he was crying to Me and calling Me Mommy. Mistress, anything so that I would stop. Can you say "Hamburger"?
passed the piss-test. Saddle-face went home saddle-sore. Yippi-Yi Ohhhhh.......slaves, I will be in Bangkok April 15th for a month just to let you know.
obviously has a Female wrestling fetish. Didn't think I'd hit you, did you? Five years of sparring with My ex-lover (karate )paid off. Can you say "scissors" ?

11/13/01 Well, you guys were really out in full force this week! Damn, where do you all come from? Diaper boy got butt-fucked. Applejack Fuckboy will be helping Me with  furniture, etc. for the dungeon. Paul My cute asian crossdressing cumslut let Me spit on him and call him My personal whore. Bobby came and gave My feet great foot service. Mr.Edwards got his exam. Bobpissingrazorblades trembled on My floor and took  the BIG one. And you thought I just had that as a show prop.....

Sunbunz you disgust Me. Come visit and I'll give you a freebie. And I checked your pathetic profile on alt.com. You are a middle aged pot-bellied loser and if I ever hear from you again you will understand a few things about why you are a sub and I am a Domme. Everyone else have a good week.

11/1/01 No, I didn't take a week off. Marshall came back. Call Me sentimental or just mental but he's a real dear friend. I rewarded him by turning his ass red and letting him lick Mine. Diaperboy        list: Curt,Ron,Evan,Tucker (same old play name, same old fantasy. Frank brought catheters and other medical supplies and endured an hour with Me. I am starting to LOVE med sessions! Philip backed out of his canine training but still paid Me $500.00. Danny needed a phone mommy. He got one for $25.00 in My Paypal account. Yea know, if each and everyone of you slaves would contribute just a few bucks into My Paypal, then I would be rich. Think about that..... Ben, when you left there was a body impression of your sweat on My leather chair that I tied you to....... One-legged Lance came over, had to get up the sixteen steps to My door. You'd think that would have been torture enough. Not! He wanted Me to use an electric violet wand/cattle prod on him. I did............................ xxx
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