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What I am seeking is a few good slaves to build up my collection of leather and fine clothes. True slaves realize the purpose of their existence is to serve. And I am a true Goddess. My needs surpass yours.
This is your chance slave, to serve under me.

My thoughts on" 24/7"....... A LOT of would-be slaves email, with this rhetorical mentality. Now, for one moment stop, think outside your own desires. Would (or have) you EVER gone into ANY relationship before seeing if it would be worth the time, effort, etc. invested? Mistresses like Myself DO look for slaves who can fill a certain need but you, as a slave, MUST be capable of meeting these demands. It goes no further. From there We pick and choose, not you. It has to be this way. Where do all the costumes, equipment, energy come from anyway? By the way, contrary to your beliefs We don't come from the womb doing what We do. This is a gradual, steady process that (for Me, at least) starts at puberty or before. To be a Mistress and ACTUALLY find a TRUE sub is sheer bliss from My point of view. This is a privilege that has to be earned, not just allotted out.............
"I have always been dominant by nature. Far more aggresive than most Girls My age when I was growing up. I learned at 12 years old, as a tomboy wrestling with the neighborhood boys trying to "cop a feel", how to control and even manipulate a male using sheer brains and body. Naturally I progressed to where I am now. There are so many so-called "submissive" men out there as well as so-called Dommes, I am not at all impressed. Anyone can come to Me, crawl on the floor for an hour or two and call Me "Mistress". Try crawling around on the floor for two DAYS, not even seeing Me and doing that because you know it pleases Me. That is the True sub. I feel I do not need to dress in some stereotypical image of a Domina. If you come to see Me I may wear anything I choose. Or nothing. It is, and will ALWAYS be, My choice. I do all of this because I know Women are superior to males. I think of males not so much as people, but more as animals. I LOVE to see a male squirm and plead, begging for acknowledgement. THAT gets Me wet. I seek loyal slaves who know EXACTLY what they need and I am only TOO willing to reciprocate. And you KNOW the rewards" .............The Goddess Nicole
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